Elle Arden Walby


Denver, CO


Elle Arden Walby was born and raised on the East Coast of the United States, mainly in Maine and Massachusetts. She has since moved to Colorado with her family, a husband, who is at the same time best friend and most annoying person in the world, and one very extraordinary daughter!

Elle began photography as a hobby in high school and has always had an interest in art. She worked at a portrait studio where she learned how to shoot portraits, mainly of children.

After becoming a stay at home mother, she decided to continue working with photography at home and now in addition to creating fine art photos, she sells stock photos as well as exploring 3d art. She takes 3d commissions as well as edits photos for others and does photo repair. She also runs an art group on Deviant Art called Dazaholics, the main purpose of which is to teach newcomers to 3d art how to improve and have fun with weekly themed challenges!

From the artist:

"I love to explore all types of art and I don't really think I've found my niche yet as far as artwork goes. At this point in time I would have to say I am proudest of my wildlife photos, but I really enjoy creating 3d art as well!"


The Last Warrior by Elle Arden Walby


Woman Standing in Night Mist and Fog by Elle Arden Walby


Underwater Encounter by Elle Arden Walby


Female Vampire Red Lingerie by Elle Arden Walby


Tiger Cub Resting on Mom's Back by Elle Arden Walby


Red Pears by Elle Arden Walby


Elephant Shower by Elle Arden Walby


Mother and Baby Zebra by Elle Arden Walby


Dancing in the Moonlight by Elle Arden Walby


Unicorn with Magic Horn by Elle Arden Walby


Male Lion at Rest by Elle Arden Walby


Resting in the Ruins by Elle Arden Walby


Evening Fire by Elle Arden Walby


Zebra on Black by Elle Arden Walby